Divine Drops

A meaningful and healing piece of stylish jewellery. Choose four crystals that mean something to you and interchange as needed. Cleanse before use and set your own intentions. Wear with confidence and heal your soul.

Free Crystals

Choose four crystals that suit your intentions. These are included in the price of your necklace.

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Crystal Pouch

Each necklace comes with a pouch to hold your crystals while you are not wearing them. Reset their powers after storing with your best intentions


Use your Divine Drops while practising Yoga or Meditation.

Sterling Silver Necklace

Bronze Fashion Necklace

Divine Intervention Necklace

Divine Drops Tiny Studs

Customer Testimonial

Thank you received today and partner loves it! Beautifully presented and smelt great too!

Craig Walker

Customer Testimonial

Thank you so much for your reply! You most certainly have done all that you can to have this order delivered as quickly as possible. Our daughter has been wishing for this necklace for months now - we will be thrilled to give it to her when it arrives, hopefully it will be here in the next few days.

Rose Lines

Customer Testimonial

Really appreciate your very informative, friendly and more than prompt contact! We are sure to be purchasing from your store again soon.

Rose Lines